Friday, February 20, 2009

Hood Can't Prosecute Langston, But He Can Defend His $14 million

Let me get this straight.

Attorney General Jim Hood can not prosecute (now disbarred and convicted judge briber and Hood's former Special Assistant Attorney General...and Hood's former top campaign contributor) Joey Langston for his role in corrupting our state's judicial system because in Hood's words, "I'm too close to them. It would be like prosecuting my relatives."

And Hood would not represent the state of Mississippi on behalf of Governor Haley Barbour because it would conflict with his duties to his other clients the legislature and the judiciary, even though they were not parties to the lawsuit.

But NOW, Jim Hood wants to protect the $14 million contingency fee contract he gave to Joey Langston and use his office to defend that fee against the State Auditor who seeks to recover the money for the state of Mississippi.

So Jim Hood can't prosecute Joey Langston because he is like family. But he sure can defend his $14 million payout. I guess his conflict is only there when he has to do something he doesn't want to do.

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