Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now an investigation into Bennie Thompson's Tunica event

Brian Perry at the Madison County Journal covers the investigation of Bennie Thompson broken by the Washington Post that we discussed here and here. Perry and the DDT appear to be the only print media in Mississippi covering this story. But we did hear Sid Salter talking about it on his radio program yesterday and again today.

But Perry's column also brings up another investigation, this one broken earlier this week by the New York Times into a Congressional Black Caucus event hosted in Tunica and apparently funded through corporate sponsors through the Congressional Black Caucus Institute of which Bennie Thompson is the Chairman of the Board. Perry mentions in his blog that the New York Times also editorialized on the investigation yesterday quoting the Ethics Committee Chairman as saying that if nonprofits like the Congressional Black Caucus Institute
are being used “as a pass through” for corporate players, then “that is a fraud.” It looks that way to us. So who will fix it?
If your answer is the House Ethics Committee, don't hold your breath.

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